Fathers, please!

The ALL Judieblog reports that Fr. Euteneuer has started a group called Humanae Vitae Priests.  There's nothing at all wrong with more than one group of pro-life priests, but I was pretty certain that Priests for Life had the market cornered.  I can't blame Fr. Euteneuer for trying to cut out a niche for himself.

I honestly don't know what his relationship is to PFL, but I'm willing to bet there's something sinister going on...which is odd, because I'm talking about priests.  Call me paranoid, but I get a very casting-lots-for-his-vestments pettiness kind of feeling here.  It doesn't help that there is an apparent mutual lovefest about to break out between the new group of priests and American Life League.  Read for yourself; I can practically see Judie glowing while she talks about it.

I hope the two groups manage to work together well.  The worst-case scenario I see happening is that HVP throws a hardliner fit and starts name-calling PFL.  I'll be keeping an eye out.


John Mallon said...

This is John Mallon, director of Humanae Vitae Priests. Allow me to correct the record. This is not a group of priests but a weekly newsletter and website offering resources for priests, deacons and seminarians to assist them in teaching and preaching on Humanae Vitae.

HLI is offering this as part of the Humanae Vitae Initiative commemorating the 40th anniversary of Humanae vitae.

You can visit the site at: HumanaeVitaePriests.org

Thank you,

John Mallon said...

PS: If you would be kind enough to post an email address somewhere on this Blog where you can be reached, I can add you to our mailing list to receive HLI press releases, and other news specifically for Bloggers. Stand up and be counted! Anonymity really doesn't cut it...