American RTL is scoring some huge parasite points by continuing the trend of latching on to the organization that excreted it.  As reported in this Colorado RTL blog, they are again seeking to siphon of support for their pro-life brand by crashing the National RTL Convention with a hostility suite.

Btw, it's not convincing and it's definitely not Christian if you have to trick people into believing you.  People are smart enough on their own.  Here's an idea: have your own convention.  That way you can sell crazy to whoever's buying it and you can all spiral out of control together.

The story is rehashed here with some comments on Stanek's blog where the discussion goes into ARTL gay hatred.  I can't agree with the death penalty for homosexuals and rapists, but it was definitely off topic.  It would be more on point to talk about how their leadership seems to be supporting candidates who, while they might be pro-life, threaten the stability of the Union.  Abe Lincoln would be ashamed.



I heard that the 40 Days people are taking their show national.  They've decided 40 days isn't really sufficient, so they're going to establish a nation-wide organization.  Does that mean their pay-to-pray business is going to be franchised?  What would Jesus say?


I'll give them $10 to stop whining

ARTL (which I am beginning to think just stands for Anti-National Right to Life) has an offer of $10k to NRLC if their legal counsel can produce an instance where a pro-life Supreme Court Justice has written in an opinion that the unborn have a right to life. Oh my God...could they want more attention?

Mrs. Echevarria's blog comment on the issue is spot on. This group has taken such a stance on the issue that I'm not even sure it can be called a stance because none of them are standing for anything except one thing: whining. It's all they have. It's all they know.

Even their PAC is set up to be majority negative, not making any endorsements. So it's the political equivalent of doing nothing but whining.

They also seem pretty fixated on the money NRLC is supposedly making of this [read the sarcasm] brilliant money-making scheme of theirs. That mere fixation leads me to believe that they themselves are power hungry.

God bless NRLC! The pro-life movement needs more intelligent, hardworking people to make a difference like they have instead of wasting everyone's time and insulting their intelligence.


Don't fall for it

If it's true that if you stand for nothing, then you'll fall for anything, then Obama supporters may be easier to beat in the general election should it come to that. I didn't think the Democrats were united on anything until I read Nicolas Kristof in the NYT today talking about their common fear that Roe v. Wade might be overturned. I wish pro-life people in the 70s would have known to be so afraid!

He brought up a point that gives me heart a little rest: that 9 out of 10 of the past presidential election winners were also the first to be nominated by their party. My heart only gets a little rest because, let's face it, the US government isn't that old. It's not like predicting lunar cycles or something; everything is new and different. Let's pray.

Ha!.....Oh, Me

I stand not only corrected, but also humbled by the truth.  I was informed that Humanae Vitae Priests is merely a newsletter.  It seems I was being awfully hasty in my assumptions, letting my little mind run way ahead of me.  Thank you for the correction, John.

Furthermore, is there no email address for me?  Well, it's going to sound pretty obvious: lifeisthenewblog@gmail.com


Generation next

A friend forwarded me an email she received from National Right to Life the other day about a summer program they have to educate college-aged kids.  It looks like a pretty splendid deal.  It's great how they focus on the important and essential details of training the next generation of pro-lifers. 

It's heartwarming to know such a program exists as a sane alternative to programs that skimp on educational value and basically train kids to be aimless, 60s-era non-violent protesters or who try to relax their image to appeal some absurd idea of a subculture.  (I'm not naming names; I'm just linking links.)  Pro-lifers don't need to be subcultural, they need to embrace their bold and correct intellectual tradition.  Remember...the comes from philosophers and founding fathers and their religion?

Fathers, please!

The ALL Judieblog reports that Fr. Euteneuer has started a group called Humanae Vitae Priests.  There's nothing at all wrong with more than one group of pro-life priests, but I was pretty certain that Priests for Life had the market cornered.  I can't blame Fr. Euteneuer for trying to cut out a niche for himself.

I honestly don't know what his relationship is to PFL, but I'm willing to bet there's something sinister going on...which is odd, because I'm talking about priests.  Call me paranoid, but I get a very casting-lots-for-his-vestments pettiness kind of feeling here.  It doesn't help that there is an apparent mutual lovefest about to break out between the new group of priests and American Life League.  Read for yourself; I can practically see Judie glowing while she talks about it.

I hope the two groups manage to work together well.  The worst-case scenario I see happening is that HVP throws a hardliner fit and starts name-calling PFL.  I'll be keeping an eye out.


Oh, this is always good news

Yeah, it's always great when you can get the pro-abortion side talking about just how nuts you are.  American RTL is doing just that, providing fodder for abortion supporters like HR Reality check.  They've got us picturing their vice-president in a morality measuring contest.  It's not pretty.  I think they're dead-on (excuse the pun) when they say he's attention-starved. 

It's also absurd that they're using that Chinese woman to make a point.  Hasn't she been used enough; they're only fueling the flames. 

For once, I'd like to see American RTL and/or Colorado RTL in the news for something they've done that was productive or substantive.   No, I would settle for sane.  It's a good thing the pro-aborts don't have to settle for sane.


Give me a break?

Oh, Judy!  Miss Judy Brown is at it again, bashing real pro-life work and championing religious warfare (I'm only joking.  She's probably a pacifist, she really looks peaceful in her signature, relaxed "Judie's Blog" pose.)  In her April 25 blog post, she maligns incrementalism and puts herself in the same camp with other theonomists like Bob Enyart who want to see a divinely chosen king and Old Testament style legalism replace our current government.  I don't make those accusations too lightly, but I value my freedom and I love this country.

I mean, the title of her blog entry basically invites criticism.  She's talking about the absence of logic, then doesn't lay out the argument she opposes, and then tells us it's a bad  position because it's not her position because it's consistent...with her position.

Oh, and she also seems to agree with Planned Parenthood of Colorado quite a bit.  I suppose they have a lot in common like the ability to make enough money to built a tripped-out website and talk an awful lot.  I shouldn't laugh, it shows ALL is at least part of this century.


Sweet Georgia

The Georgia state legislative committee voted to table HR 536, the GA Human Life Amendment.  This means a vote on it has indefinitely postponed...and not a moment too soon.

It is not against pro-life principles to be against a state human life amendment at this juncture.  Consider that the GA committee chairman said that the proposed amendment "[sought] to make a direct attack on Roe v. Wade."  Simply based on observations like this, the US Supreme Court could easily strike the state amendment down based on passed precedence.  The amendment is crafted specifically to attack Roe and meant to place a significant obstacle in the way of women seeking an abortion.  Those aren't necessarily bad things, but they will create a judicial precedent used to kill federal Human Life Amendment. 

I know Georgia Right to Life had supported the amendment, but neither National Right to Life nor the Catholic Bishops did.  It may be that the state group needed to give support in order not to offend their members, but it certainly shows a lack of understanding.  But that's just me.


Now it's really sad!

There was a tremendous blog on the destructive behavior of "American Right to Life," a group which exists for some unfathomable purpose. They are truly the terrorists of the pro-life movement who have taken the easier path of tearing things down over the difficult and right path of building things up.

A further example of their despicable behavior is their explicit lying in a recent press release which was picked up by a few media outlets in which they said National Right to Life had endorsed both Fred Thompson AND Mitt Romney. It's just as I had said in my January 17th entry: they are putting out disinformation. There was a reply to that entry which was as misleading as the press releases themselves.

If this group tries to tear down any more pro-life towers and hand delivers the presidency to the pro-aborts (and by this I DON'T mean John McCain who is the pro-life option), then they are simply people "principled" beyond reason.


Fred's Out

It's too bad that Fred Thompson is out of the race.  I know better than to badmouth any of the other candidates because I will end up having to vote for one of them.  I'm just disappointed that this election will be based on superficialities.  Democrats can vote for the black one, the woman or the lawyer, Republicans can vote for the wealthy Mormon, the 9/11 guy, the Baptist preacher, the war vet, or the crazy (that's right, Ron Paul...or quite frankly anyone who believes in him).  No one will try to get any deeper.  That's something to be frightened about.


It's more than a little sad...

"American Right to Life" Action put out a press release yesterday condemning, among other thing, the support National Right to Life has given to Mitt Romney in his presidential bid.  What planet are they on?  What support was that?  Did it help him when they endorsed Fred Thompson?  Or maybe when a couple of their state organizations endorsed Mike Huckabee...surely that's what must have helped Mitt's campaign along? 

Maybe they're just hoping that if they say something that people will think it's true.  Between that and the creepy anti-Romney ad they produced, I'm not sure how anyone can take them seriously.