Give me a break?

Oh, Judy!  Miss Judy Brown is at it again, bashing real pro-life work and championing religious warfare (I'm only joking.  She's probably a pacifist, she really looks peaceful in her signature, relaxed "Judie's Blog" pose.)  In her April 25 blog post, she maligns incrementalism and puts herself in the same camp with other theonomists like Bob Enyart who want to see a divinely chosen king and Old Testament style legalism replace our current government.  I don't make those accusations too lightly, but I value my freedom and I love this country.

I mean, the title of her blog entry basically invites criticism.  She's talking about the absence of logic, then doesn't lay out the argument she opposes, and then tells us it's a bad  position because it's not her position because it's consistent...with her position.

Oh, and she also seems to agree with Planned Parenthood of Colorado quite a bit.  I suppose they have a lot in common like the ability to make enough money to built a tripped-out website and talk an awful lot.  I shouldn't laugh, it shows ALL is at least part of this century.