Sweet Georgia

The Georgia state legislative committee voted to table HR 536, the GA Human Life Amendment.  This means a vote on it has indefinitely postponed...and not a moment too soon.

It is not against pro-life principles to be against a state human life amendment at this juncture.  Consider that the GA committee chairman said that the proposed amendment "[sought] to make a direct attack on Roe v. Wade."  Simply based on observations like this, the US Supreme Court could easily strike the state amendment down based on passed precedence.  The amendment is crafted specifically to attack Roe and meant to place a significant obstacle in the way of women seeking an abortion.  Those aren't necessarily bad things, but they will create a judicial precedent used to kill federal Human Life Amendment. 

I know Georgia Right to Life had supported the amendment, but neither National Right to Life nor the Catholic Bishops did.  It may be that the state group needed to give support in order not to offend their members, but it certainly shows a lack of understanding.  But that's just me.


Now it's really sad!

There was a tremendous blog on the destructive behavior of "American Right to Life," a group which exists for some unfathomable purpose. They are truly the terrorists of the pro-life movement who have taken the easier path of tearing things down over the difficult and right path of building things up.

A further example of their despicable behavior is their explicit lying in a recent press release which was picked up by a few media outlets in which they said National Right to Life had endorsed both Fred Thompson AND Mitt Romney. It's just as I had said in my January 17th entry: they are putting out disinformation. There was a reply to that entry which was as misleading as the press releases themselves.

If this group tries to tear down any more pro-life towers and hand delivers the presidency to the pro-aborts (and by this I DON'T mean John McCain who is the pro-life option), then they are simply people "principled" beyond reason.