I'll give them $10 to stop whining

ARTL (which I am beginning to think just stands for Anti-National Right to Life) has an offer of $10k to NRLC if their legal counsel can produce an instance where a pro-life Supreme Court Justice has written in an opinion that the unborn have a right to life. Oh my God...could they want more attention?

Mrs. Echevarria's blog comment on the issue is spot on. This group has taken such a stance on the issue that I'm not even sure it can be called a stance because none of them are standing for anything except one thing: whining. It's all they have. It's all they know.

Even their PAC is set up to be majority negative, not making any endorsements. So it's the political equivalent of doing nothing but whining.

They also seem pretty fixated on the money NRLC is supposedly making of this [read the sarcasm] brilliant money-making scheme of theirs. That mere fixation leads me to believe that they themselves are power hungry.

God bless NRLC! The pro-life movement needs more intelligent, hardworking people to make a difference like they have instead of wasting everyone's time and insulting their intelligence.

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