Oh, this is always good news

Yeah, it's always great when you can get the pro-abortion side talking about just how nuts you are.  American RTL is doing just that, providing fodder for abortion supporters like HR Reality check.  They've got us picturing their vice-president in a morality measuring contest.  It's not pretty.  I think they're dead-on (excuse the pun) when they say he's attention-starved. 

It's also absurd that they're using that Chinese woman to make a point.  Hasn't she been used enough; they're only fueling the flames. 

For once, I'd like to see American RTL and/or Colorado RTL in the news for something they've done that was productive or substantive.   No, I would settle for sane.  It's a good thing the pro-aborts don't have to settle for sane.

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