Fred's Out

It's too bad that Fred Thompson is out of the race.  I know better than to badmouth any of the other candidates because I will end up having to vote for one of them.  I'm just disappointed that this election will be based on superficialities.  Democrats can vote for the black one, the woman or the lawyer, Republicans can vote for the wealthy Mormon, the 9/11 guy, the Baptist preacher, the war vet, or the crazy (that's right, Ron Paul...or quite frankly anyone who believes in him).  No one will try to get any deeper.  That's something to be frightened about.


It's more than a little sad...

"American Right to Life" Action put out a press release yesterday condemning, among other thing, the support National Right to Life has given to Mitt Romney in his presidential bid.  What planet are they on?  What support was that?  Did it help him when they endorsed Fred Thompson?  Or maybe when a couple of their state organizations endorsed Mike Huckabee...surely that's what must have helped Mitt's campaign along? 

Maybe they're just hoping that if they say something that people will think it's true.  Between that and the creepy anti-Romney ad they produced, I'm not sure how anyone can take them seriously.