American RTL is scoring some huge parasite points by continuing the trend of latching on to the organization that excreted it.  As reported in this Colorado RTL blog, they are again seeking to siphon of support for their pro-life brand by crashing the National RTL Convention with a hostility suite.

Btw, it's not convincing and it's definitely not Christian if you have to trick people into believing you.  People are smart enough on their own.  Here's an idea: have your own convention.  That way you can sell crazy to whoever's buying it and you can all spiral out of control together.

The story is rehashed here with some comments on Stanek's blog where the discussion goes into ARTL gay hatred.  I can't agree with the death penalty for homosexuals and rapists, but it was definitely off topic.  It would be more on point to talk about how their leadership seems to be supporting candidates who, while they might be pro-life, threaten the stability of the Union.  Abe Lincoln would be ashamed.

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